Andrew Monaghan Bio; Big Brother Canada Season 1

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Andrew Monaghan – Big Brother Canada Season 1

Still an Insurance sales Trainer, Andrew Monagnah was a 38 year old former houseguest of the Big Brother Canada show in 2013. He won as the 4th runner up as he got evicted on the 64th day in the Big Brother’s show.

Andrew Monaghan and his twin brother, Pete Monaghan were both born to Michael and Ursula Monaghan in Crooner Brook, Newfoundland and grew up in Halifax where he has been living for over 19 years now. For a short while, Andrew lived in Germany where he became a fan of the American edition of the Big Brother show.

While in the house, Andrew was another physically fit player. He was the first BBCAN Houseguest to win Head of Household and he also won several Head of Household competitions. He was the first Houseguest to face the Jury Eviction phase.

Andrew was a mature houseguest, maybe because he was the the eldest Houseguest on the show but he was very attentive and calm towards other Houseguest. His calm personality led to him being blindsided by his allies.

After he intentionally evicted Gary Levy, the brain behind ‘Secret wedding alliance’ in the 4th week, he was able to go after Houseguests from other alliances. He got into an eviction game strategy with Topaz. Topaz was working towards his eviction but AJ, Andrew’s closest pal in the house became the sacrificial lamb as she got evicted in place of lucky Andrew.

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Still on the quest to destroy other alliances, Andrew successfully evicted another strong contender, Liza.

Gary’s return in the 57th week destabilized Andrew’s dream of being the ‘final four’ and another attempt at evicting Gary led to Andrew being backstabbed. He got sidelined by his allies, Emmett and Jillian who both kept their vote for each other. This ditched him out of the final four replacing him with Gary Levy.

Andrew’s alliance, East Coast Alliance was formed as a result of the fall of Tim’s eviction and he had with him in the alliance BBCAN1 showmance, Emmett Blois and Jillian Maclaughlin, and Talla Rajaei, the first BBCAN Iranian HouseGuest. The alliance was by far the most successful from BBCAN1 as it is the only alliance with HouseGuest who made the ‘final five’ of the season.

After his eviction on the 64th day, Andrew Monaghan went back to a pseudo celebrity lifestyle. He went back into the Insurance industry pursuing a successful career.He is currently in a relationship with Nicole, his lover whom he had been dating for the past 10 years.

In a recent interview, Andrew confessed to having not much difference since after BBCAN1.“Not much has changed in my life except that i was on Big Brother Canada for the first season”

Andrew alongside his twin brother, Pete used to run a YouTube Channel on “being Twins”. Follow up Andrew on his Instagram and Twitter

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