Dollar To Naira Aboki Rate Today

Dollar to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate Today | Aboki Rate

Dollar to Naira Aboki Rate Today

Interested in the dollar to naira aboki exchange rate today? Considering traveling abroad or carrying out some online transactions but is unsure about the currency?

Below, i will reveal everything you need to know about the USD to NGN aboki exchange rate & the current exchange rate for dollar to naira. You convert your USD to naira at this rate or change your dollar to naira at the parallel market or the latest black market rate.

Read on to see the real exchange rate, and Aboki FX rate today. Page is updated every hour and based on current market data.

All Market Rates

Dollar to Naira rate

DOLLAR (USD) SELL naira765

Pound to Naira rate

BUY naira835
POUND (GBP) SELL naira850

Euro to Naira rate

BUY naira717
EURO (EUR) SELL naira730

Canadian Dollar to Naira rate

BUY naira490
DOLLAR (CAD) SELL naira510

South African Rand to Naira rate

BUY naira31
RAND (ZAR) SELL naira38

UAE Dirham to Naira rate

BUY naira155
DIRHAM (AED) SELL naira160

Chinese Yuan to Naira rate

BUY naira80
YUAN (CNY) SELL naira90

Ghanian Cedi to Naira rate

BUY naira75
G.CEDI (GHS) SELL naira85

West African CFA franc to Naira rate

BUY naira945
SELL naira965

Central African CFA franc to Naira rate

BUY naira900
SELL naira920


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