Earn Cash From Ebooks, New Or Used

Earn Cash From Ebooks, New Or Used

Earn Cash From Your Ebook, New Or Used

We will discuss how to monetize your site using eBooks. Since 2017, I’ve been producing eBooks. The best thing about eBooks is that they are simple to make and have a lengthy shelf life.

Here are a few typical queries and their responses regarding eBook creation.

How many pages should my ebook have?

as long as is required. In order for the customer to recognize the value of your book, it should have at least 40 pages. It need not be 40 pages long, single-spaced, with a 10-point font and 8.5″ x 11″ paper size. Format it any way you like, with large fonts, graphics, charts, and plenty of white space.

Asking yourself the following:

  • Would I think I got a good deal if I bought this book?
  • How Should an eBook Be Formatted?

Deliveries of eBooks come in PDF format.

You can accomplish it on your own by printing a Google Doc or Microsoft Word document in PDF format.

It takes roughly two seconds. You can hire a graphics designer to make you a stunning cover on Fiverr or Upwork. If you utilize a business like 99Designs, you may pay $5 (Fiverr) for a basic cover all the way up to $299. I made my book’s cover using 99 Designs.

The service met my expectations in every way. They are worth checking out if you have the cash to spend (which you will if you keep blogging).

Is There a Recommended Price Point for an eBook?

I’ve spent $10 for 30-page eBooks in the past. Additionally, I’ve spent $29 for 100-page eBooks. The value you offer and how your book stacks up against other publications will determine how much you charge for your eBook (if there are any).

A reasonable price is below $10. The majority of individuals are willing to spend $10 on a book. You can charge extra if you are an authority in a particular field. One instance is the $29 book.

How Can I Market My eBook?

Setting up a PayPal account and adding a PayPal button to your website are the only steps required to sell an eBook. Since then, thankfully, technology has advanced. Here are a few excellent options:

A well-known platform called Gumroad links to your blog and lets you sell digital goods.
The service costs only $10 a month, and they deduct a tiny percentage of each sale to offset the costs associated with credit card transactions.

Another excellent service that may get you up and running quickly is e-junkie.

Can I Profit from Selling eBooks?

Have you ever purchased a Kindle book or an eBook?

Your solution is there.

This brings me to my point: yes, you can earn money by selling an eBook on just about any subject.
If you can accomplish one of the following, someone will pay you for your knowledge:

1. ease their suffering
2. Make them happy.

Making an eBook from Your Blog

Another thing to think about is that not everyone wants to read every post on your blog. It’s possible to write one blog post on a subject, then write another on the same subject six months later. If you compile your blog entries and publish them as a book, people will pay you. Of course, you have to be curious.

When it’s available on my blog for free, why would anyone pay me for an eBook?
Convenience in a nutshell. They don’t have to search through your website to find all of the information, which saves them time. It’s the same as if you were looking for information on the Internet.

Finding a single website with all the information or going through ten separate websites is which is easier.

Action Points

Write something! Start writing in your blog right now if you haven’t already. Today, sit down and write 500 words regarding the subject of your blog. Your blog entries can serve as the basis for the eBook you’ll wish to write to make some extra money.


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