Review Legit Or Scam, Read To Find Out Review Legit Or Scam

Are you looking for a Review Legit or Scam? You want to find out whether it is worth your time or it doesn’t. Read this article you will find detailed information.

Making money online seems to be very complicated these days. Many platforms that offer huge rewards often turn out to be scams.

It hurts when people give their attention to a platform and perform some task for them to be paid only to find out what they have done is a waste of time because the site can’t pay them.

This is why many people search for a review of a platform or app before giving their time.

Without boring you with much write-ups, let’s quickly see detailed information about getlumi

About is a platform where people can take surveys, perform their daily transactions by paying bills and purchasing airtime.

That’s not all. The platform also rewards users who can invite and introduce the platform to their friends.

What do we mean here? Are we saying you can make money from Yes, that’s precisely what we are saying.

How To Make Money From rewards its users with points that can be converted to airtime or cash when they refer their friends or use the platform to pay bills. Yeah, that is how it works.

You will get 500 points for every user you invite, and you will be credited with your bonus to your Getlumi wallet once your referral verifies their account.

These are the steps you need to follow to make money on to create and log in to your account.

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1. Create a account

Follow this link to create an account. Make sure you use your real name because you must verify your identity.

2. Verify Your Account

This is the second step you need to follow to earn what the site claims, though this is not compulsory.

However, it would help if you took a profile survey before being given a link to verify your account.

If you don’t want to verify your account No issues, you can move ahead.

Click On Reward Tab And Start Earning From Referrals

Click on the reward tab, copy your link, and share it with your friends. Review Legit Or Scam? is a new platform, and we aren’t in any way affiliated with Getlumi. This fact alone will make you feel more satisfied with our review because Getenlumi isn’t paying us for writing this.

It’s too early for us to say is legit or a scam because we didn’t reach the minimum points for withdrawal.

If you are reading this content after a successful withdrawal from Getlumi, please assist the platform to gain trust by commenting “ is legit” in the comment section.

Don’t forget to leave your email to contact you about payment proof.


I’m not saying you should necessarily partake in the task or make payment with their platform.

But their platform seems to be legit because they didn’t calm a huge payment. Moreover, there is direct contact to customer care which means they are ready for a business.

However, we suggest you should bookmark this post and refresh it daily because we will be updating it once we receive a signal.

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