Glo EasyShare: Share or Transfer Airtime On Globacom

Did you know that by using Glo EasyShare, you will be able to successfully share or transfer airtime on globacom Nigeria regardless of where you are? Yes, it is possible, and I will demonstrate how you can easily share or transfer airtime on the Glo network using your mobile phone in the following paragraphs. However, this feature is restricted to Glo users only.

Who is Globacom Nigeria?

Mike Adenuga is the owner, operator, and founder of the Nigerian international telecommunications business known as Globacom Nigeria, also known simply as Glo. The company was established on August 29, 2003. Research indicates that Glo Nigeria is one of the three largest network operators in Nigeria. This is according to the findings of the research.

How to Make an Airtime Transfer on Glo EasyShare

You can effortlessly share or transfer airtime to your family and friends or even love ones on Globacom Nigeria with the use of Glo EasyShare; however, this feature is only available for Glo members.

Before you begin using your Glo EasyShare to share your airtime with other Glo subscribers, it is recommended that you first learn how to change your Glo default transfer pin, which is 0000. Only then should you begin using your Glo EasyShare.

How To Change Glo Default Transfer Pin

Please refer to the following guide in order to modify or generate a new default transfer pin for your Glo account:

  • Locate your contact icon on your cell phone
  • Send *132 followed by your default transfer pin (0000) your new pin and your new pin number.
    To get additional information, if you wish the number 1548 to be your new PIN
  • Dial *132*0000*1548*1548#.
  • You will be notified through text message that you have successfully changed your transfer pin and created a new one. You will also receive a message of congratulations for your accomplishment.

You now have the ability to share or transfer airtime credit on Glo Nigeria thanks to the new transfer pin. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s look at how you can share your airtime with your loved ones, friends, and family.

Glo Network: How to Transfer Airtime

Following these steps will allow you to share or transfer airtime on the Glo Network:

  • Locate your contact icon on your cell phone
  • Send money by dialing *131 followed by the phone number of the recipient, the amount, and the pin number.
  • If you wish to transfer N150 to your fellow Glo users and your phone number is 08152231432, you can do so by dialing *131*08152231432*150*1548#.This information is provided for further explanation. Whenever the completion of the transfer is confirmed, you will get a notification text message on your phone.


Now that you are aware of this, you should know that you can share or transfer airtime on Globacom Nigeria using your mobile phone if you have the Glo EasyShare app. Kindly pass this information along to your family, friends, and loved ones.

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