How to Grow Your Blog and Increase Readership

How to Expand Your Blog and Increase Readership

How can a blog grow? Your blog makes you money as it expands.

Making money with a blog doesn’t require millions of page views and visitors. Small specialized sites can be profitable if they provide value to visitors.

More visitors equals more money. You want to increase website traffic and your email list. Here are some blog traffic-building tips. As you blog, you can explore these tips more.

My website uses the Social Warfare plugin. I used SumoMe then Social Warfare. I forget why. Social Warfare featured an email option, but SumoMe didn’t. You must choose the program that matches your needs.

Share blogger’s content

Money magazine is a huge company that doesn’t care if I retweet or repost its material. Good articles help my followers.

If I retweet or re-post content from a popular blogger my readers and following benefit because I’m sharing valuable content. You won’t build a relationship if you only want something from someone.

You can’t cover every issue element. You must share others’ content. You’ll be sick or on vacation and can’t write. Where to? Others’ work.

Post links

If you publish 10 blog entries about sandwich-making, link them if appropriate. If you blog about preparing sourdough bread and grilled cheese. If you use sourdough bread, send v link to the recipe.

Linking posts has two major benefits:

1. It keeps readers on your site and increases the likelihood they’ll read more. More page views improve blog traffic.

2. Search engines favor postings with internal links over those without. Search engines will favor your post. Ten bread recipe postings that don’t link to each other aren’t as good as ten that do.
Only link to relevant content.


Many blogs get traffic from Pinterest. A recent Pinterest conference session blew me away.

SeedTime Personal Finance’s Bob showed us how he used Pinterest to get 1 million page views a year. HUGE!

You’ll help me more, you’re right. Help could include:

• Telling others about my website

• Promoting me on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)

• Sharing my material

• Linking to my blog from your blog • Giving me a testimonial

• Referring me to someone you might meet in the future, even a year from now
All boats rise with the rising tide.

Other bloggers aren’t a competition, even if they blog about the same issue. There’s enough pie for everyone. You can go it alone without aid. Your blog will expand 2-3 times slower. If you help others, they’ll help you.

Action Items

  • Add sharing buttons to your website

Hopefully, you’ve integrated SumoMe into your website to gather emails. Install it if you haven’t.

Add SumoMe Share so visitors may share your content with others. When people share your site and information, viral traffic increases.

  • Choose a blogger to connect with

Follow them on social (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat) and repost 1–2 times per week.

If you’re brave, email them to say hello and why you like them. Genuineness triumphs.

  • Install Yoast SEO in WordPress.

This free plugin helps you write search-engine-friendly blog entries.

Optimization (SEO)

SEO is writing blog content to rank better in google search engines.

It’s a complicated science.
SEO books, courses, and websites abound. Learning the basics takes hours.

Yoast SEO for WordPress

Yoast SEO is a free WordPress plugin that optimizes blog entries. Because it’s so excellent, it’s on 1 million blogs.

It’s simple to learn SEO. The plugin appears below WordPress’ post editor. It gives SEO improvement tips. Plus, it gives readability advice.

Note to self: revisit this topic a few months from now.


Guest posting is writing a blog for another website. Guest posting has two purposes:

1. You can boost website traffic.

You can guest post on any popular site to get email subscribers and pageviews quickly.

Unpredictable results. But sometimes you must try.

2. Get website linkages

How many high-quality websites link to your site is a Google ranking factor. Google doesn’t tell us how essential the secret source is, but it is.

Forbes is a trustworthy website. stories score higher than others (or whatever). Forbes’ reputation helps Google rank its articles higher (usually). If I’m quoted in Forbes or become a contributing author on, Google will see that link.

Google ranks my website higher because of  It’s called backlinking. More reliable websites linking to yours will boost your search rankings.

Easy content sharing

All blog content should feature social network sharing buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)


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