How to save, invest, and make money on Piggyvest Nigeria.

In Nigeria and West Africa, Piggyvest is an online platform that enables users to earn between 10% and 13% interest on savings and up to 50% returns on investments. A buddy of mine once suggested a microfinance bank to me as a means to start saving money, so I tried it out but, guess what, I was disappointed in the end and my hard-earned money was wasted.

Once upon a time, I woke up one early morning pondering how to start saving little money for future usage. I thus made the decision to attempt saving with banks. My money was safe with them, but I couldn’t save as much as I would have liked to since if I had a minor problem, I went right to the bank or ATM to get cash.

I made the decision to delete my ATM debit card so I could never withdraw money again because I thought it was the greatest way to save money. But even so, the advent of mobile/internet transfers didn’t improve matters; whenever a minor issue arises, I’ll start a transaction on my phone, and by the end of the year, I couldn’t save as much as I had hoped to.

I was therefore frustrated and perplexed until I discovered that there is an online platform called piggyvest, formerly known as a piggybank, that enables you to periodically save and invest money (daily, weekly, or monthly) towards a specific savings target or lock away money for a specific period of time and also earn up to 10% interest without any fees and other bonuses. Since then, I’ve finally been able to save money without touching it.

Nigeria’s Piggyvest

The largest savings and investing platform/app in Nigeria are Piggyvest, formerly known as Piggybank. ng. It is the first online savings and investment app in West Africa. With the piggyvest app or platform, you can decide whether to regularly save small sums of money (between N50 and N25,000 per day, N1,000 and N100,000 per week, or N3,000 and N500,000 per month) toward a given objective or date or to lock away funds for a predetermined amount of time.

Piggyvest helps you manage your money more effectively and reach financial freedom by combining simplicity, discipline, ease, and flexibility. Currently, Piggybank Nigeria Piggyvest

With the RC Number 1405222, Piggybank Nigeria is a product that piggyTech worldwide ltd has registered. founded on January 7th, 2016 as a platform for saving money that enables users to do so through either an app or a website.

After changing its name to piggyVest in April 2019, started providing its users with direct investment alternatives in addition to savings opportunities. By assisting more than 350,000 of its registered users in managing their finances in a very straightforward and practical way, they have continued to provide exceptional service.

Users of Piggybank (Piggyvest) have the opportunity to invest billions of naira each month that they would otherwise be tempted to spend irresponsibly.

Piggyvest Security Level:

All of the data you provided to Piggyvest was encrypted and stored in accordance with PCI DSS level 1 compliance guidelines. A set of guidelines known as PCI DSS level 1 compliance are set forth by credit card firms and are subject to audits by unbiased third parties.

It is the best rating one could possibly receive in the field of electronic payment processing. Additionally, a 256-bit secured HTTPS SSL connection is used for every transmission to their banking partner and on their web portal.

How Piggyvest Works

Target/Group Savings – It is appropriate for short-term savings since it enables you to continuously put money down toward a specific financial objective, such as rent, a trip, wedding, purchasing a new car, or even establishing your own business while earning interest. Make it a fun challenge and bring your friends.

With SafeLuck, you may choose when you want to withdraw your money and it will be locked away until the day you’ve specified. You can also earn up to 15% interest annually, which is often paid upfront while using SafeLuck. SafeLuck is a set savings option, in other words.

With the auto-save tool, you may set up automatic transfers from your debit card to your Piggyvest savings account up until your goal is reached. You can choose daily, weekly, or monthly, as well as the precise amount and time you want the money to transfer from your bank account to your piggyVest wallet.

Piggybank Wallet/Savings:

Piggybank Wallets are for people who like to save money on a regular basis and only take it out once every three months. To avoid having to bother about manually saving again, you can set it up so that money is deducted from your bank account.

With the Quick Save option, you may essentially increase your piggybank savings. For instance, you can use the rapid saving option to deposit N10,000 or N15,000 all at once if you place N5,000 down every day but forget one or two days. This will guarantee that you reach your savings goal.

You don’t need to log into your Piggyvest account to save money; everything is handled automatically once you set up Auto Save, with the exception of topping out your savings utilizing the quick save option.

Why Do Nigerians Pick Piggyvest?

With registration number 16555, Piggyvest is a cooperative platform that is officially recognized by the piggyTech cooperative multifunctional society limited. They conducted business as Piggybank. ng and utilized the licenses of two microfinance institutions in Nigeria.

Early in 2018, Piggyvest acquired a license from the Nigerian central bank to operate as Gold Microfinance Bank Limited (CBN). The main asset management firm in Nigeria, AIICO Capital, which is regulated and licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission, houses and manages all saved monies (money) (SEC).

Saving Money With piggyVest Platform

Follow these guidelines to begin saving on the Piggyvest platform:

Go to the Piggyvest website. Here
If you already have an account, sign in there. If not, click “make an account” to open one.
Enter your personal information, including your name, password, bank information, etc.
Enter your debit card information and deposit at least N50 to N25,000 per day, N1,000 to N100,000 per week, or N3,000 to N500,000 per month to activate your piggyvest account (visa card, master card, or verve card from any bank in Nigeria are accepted)
Use one of the savings plans from the list above, choosing from the daily, weekly, or monthly options.

How Secure Are My Bank Information When Using

Your security is Piggyvest’s first priority, so they utilize the highest standards of internet security and 256-bit SSL security encryption technology to safeguard all of the information you shared with them. To manage the details of your debit card, they also collaborate with Paystack, a payment processor that complies with PCI DSS.

How To Invest In Nigeria’s piggyVest

You can check out additional investing firms in Nigeria that pay you on a weekly or monthly basis here. If you’re not happy with the investment strategies.

By investing in pre-screened, low-medium risk, primary and secondary opportunities, you may increase your savings by up to 25% using the Piggyvest platform’s Investify function. With this platform, interest is sent into your piggyflex account on a daily, monthly, quarterly, or at the conclusion of your investment term basis.

Use this guide to invest money in the Piggyvest app or website:
Go to the Piggyvest website. Here
If you already have an account, sign in there. If not, click “make an account” to open one.
Enter your personal information, including your name, password, bank information, etc.
Go to investing or select “Invest for the Future” from the menu.
Examine the interest rates provided for each of the investment opportunities.
Choose any option that appeals to you.
Start making investments in Piggyvest by abiding by the guidelines.

Interest Rate for Piggyvest

You receive a 10% annual return on any investments you make through Piggybank.
Your annual return on investments made through SafeLuck can reach 15.5%.
You receive 10% annually through Flex.
10% on Target annually
On Investify’s 7% per son Flex Dollar, up to 25%.

2020 Piggyvest Reviews

Piggyvest, formerly known as Piggybank, is a reputable savings and investment platform in Nigeria that enables you to make over 25% return on investment and up to 15% interest on savings.

How to Make a Withdrawal on Piggyvest Nigeria

Enter your Piggyvest account login information and select “withdrawal.”
Enter your bank information
The “Withdraw” tab will appear on your dashboard.
Add the sum of money you wish to withdraw.
Get your money directly sent into the bank account you supplied in 3 working days.

Note that there is no maximum withdrawal limit and that the lowest amount of money you can take out of your Piggyvest account is N3,000.

Contact form for Piggyvest

Please call Piggyvest Investment Ltd at 0700933933933 from Monday through Friday if you have any additional questions or concerns. operating hours are Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, or you can email them at [email protected].

Testmot House, 3 Abdulrahman Okene Close, Off Ligali Ayorinde Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria, is where the company’s headquarters are located.


Piggyvest, as it is currently known, is a platform for savings and investments in Nigeria that enables you to save money and receive interest at the same time. You can invest through the investify option as well.

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