How to Track a Money Transfer Through Western Union

Looking for a way to trace a Western Union money transfer with or without an MTCN? Worry not, this article has you covered, and there’s no need to be concerned if you accidentally misplaced, lost, or are unable to locate your money transfer control number (MTCN), a 10-digit identifier that is provided to every single money transfer you purchase.

What is Western Union Money Transfer?

The Western Union Company is an American provider of communications and financial services with headquarters in Meridian, Colorado. It has been a part of the financial center for more than 165 years with the express purpose of assisting individuals in sending and receiving money (funds) throughout the world, paying bills, tracking transactions online, and performing a variety of other tasks. They bluster about being the fastest and most dependable means of sending and receiving money around the world.

NOTE: Many consumers have fallen victim to fraud after wiring money to a con artist using Western Union. So there is a strict warning from Western Union. A fantastic option to send money to someone you know and trust is through the Western Union money transfer service.

“Never send a stranger money” is a term used to describe

Avoid using money transfer services to pay for items like purchases from internet auctions.

Never transmit cash to pay taxes or other costs on winners from international lotteries.

ever send a money transfer to someone you haven’t met in person in the name of a friend or relative to put off payment.

Never send a money transfer in a friend or relative’s name with the goal to change it to a name you haven’t met in person. . Please call 1-800-448-1492 for assistance if you believe you are a victim of fraud.

How to follow a money transfer from Western Union in Nigeria

Using MTCN

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You will receive a receipt after initiating a transfer via the Western Union service, along with a tracking number or money transfer control code (MTCN) and a 10-digit reference code.
Follow this fast tutorial’s step-by-step instructions to trace your Western Union money transfer using your MTCN.

With your internet-connected devices, go on to their official website at

Go to “track a transfer” and a tab where you have to track a transfer with your tracking number (MTCN) will open

2. Enter your MTCN transfer code, then select “trace a transfer or continue.” Prepare yourself to learn everything about your money transfer at this point.
2. Absent MTCN

To track Western Union funds without an MTCN number, follow this step-by-step guide.

1. To access the official Western Union money transfer website, click Here, then select the “don’t know the MTCN” tab.
2. A new tab with two options will open, requiring you to choose between tracking with a name and tracking with a phone number.
3: Select “transfer with a phone number,” enter the sender’s phone number, the recipient’s country, and the amount sent and received, and then click “proceed.”
4: The details of your transactions or payments will appear on your screen as soon as you successfully filled out the information requested and clicked on continue.
Western Union 3. naming the tracker

Select “sender and receiver name” for this method, then enter the sender’s and receiver’s first and last names, the recipient’s nationality, and the amount transferred or received before clicking “continue.”

Your transactions or payment specifics will be displayed.

Make careful to input the transfer date in the spaces designated at the bottom of the “track a transfer page” in order to improve your results with both of the aforementioned alternatives. If the option isn’t available for you, choose the add transfer date option by clicking the plus symbol next to it.

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By selecting the “bill payment” link from the “track a transfer” page, you can also follow the progress of your payments to Western Union.

Fill up the sender’s country, phone number, and amount to track the payment.

For optimal outcomes, you will also be required to supply the transfer data.

How to detect if a western union money order was cashed

You must adhere to this step-by-step instruction in order to correctly track your money.

1: Dial 1-800-999-9660 to reach Western Union’s automated customer service line.

2: Pay attention to the automated menu prompts and choose the option to view a money order’s status.

3: When the time comes, enter the 11-digit number on your money order. The number can be found either above the barcode or in the top right corner of the Western Union money order record stub.

4: The date the money order was cashed will be displayed after you correctly enter your 11-digit number.

How to get the Nigerian Western Union Money app

Log in to using a device with an internet connection. You can download our app using the WU app by scrolling down and clicking the box that says “download our app.”


I hope this post helped you understand how simple it is to track a Western Union money transfer, whether you have an MTCN number or not. Therefore, send the money you’ve been wanting without hesitation. Thank you and may God keep you. Please feel free to use the comment feature if you have any questions.

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