Kenny Brain Bio; Big Brother Canada Season 2

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If for nothing else, but for his well treated long beards, Kenneth “Kenny” Brain stood out amongst every other houseguest on the Big Brother Canada Season 2 Show. He was born on the 26th of August 1998.

Unknown to Canada from the beginning of the show, Kenny Brain is a gay Canadian from the town of Grand Falls on the island of Newfoundland in Canada. He was a bartender and a male model who had achieved little career feat as he is a model and brand ambassador for the popular Vulkan Magazine.

Just for the game, Kenny pretended to be straight, flirted with some female houseguests, and got into a showmance with Sarah Miller. His popularity on the show throughout Canada came when he quit the pretense and came out clean to fellow houseguests about his sexuality.

On the show in 2014, Kenny had his allegiance with the members of the first five alliances. In order to strengthen his allegiance with them, he got into a showmance with one of the female members, Sarah Miller. At the same time, he was constantly working to form strong connections with Rachelle and Jon but he didn’t push the relationship well.

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At the beginning of the show, Kenny was a very emotional player and was almost always crying. He had a conflict with Ika Wong who constantly calls him awful names because she was able to see through his lies, disloyalty and pretense.

HOH Heather Decksheimer nominated Kenny Brain and Allison White for eviction. Allison white got lucky and won the Power of Veto which she used to save herself from the block. HOH Heather was obligated to nominate a replacement for Allison and Heather picked Sarah Miller and Sarah Miller was evicted after an instant vote but Kenny was still on the block.

When Canada thought the night’s show had ended, Arisa Cox dropped a bombshell relaying that the night eviction is a double eviction. The players started again and Neda Kalantar won the HOH Competition. She nominated Sabrina Abbate and Rachelle Diamond for eviction. Adel Elseri saved Rachelle with his POV leaving Kenny Brain and Sabrina Abbate on the block. Kenny Brain was evicted in an instant vote of 5 to 1.

Kenny was the first houseguest to be evicted in 9th place and not be on the jury. Kenny Brain had no regrets about being on the BBCAN2 Show. His appearance on the show strengthened the gay community members and this fact is one that he is the proudest of.

Kenny Brain went back to being the sexy bearded model that he is. He is on Instagram & Twitter where he tweets about BBCAN and random men stuff.

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