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Garanntor is an international provider of hosting and infrastructure as a service, supplying its customers with everything they need to establish a reputable online presence.

Visitors to Garanntor who do not speak or understand English can choose from a variety of languages.
Next, you will be prompted to make your choice in a language that you will better comprehend. View a list of some of the Garanntor languages.

About Garanntor

Nira establishes that Garanntor is a cutting-edge business that was established as a supplier of trustworthy and reasonably priced Virtual Private Servers, Cloud Hosting, Cloud Servers storage, and domain registration.

They provide experienced experts from their database and promise support for the entire year.

Whether you are a large or small business, managed or unmanaged, Garanntor offers the ideal hosting solution. At Garanntor. ng, they take great pleasure in their excellent customer service and are always pleased to answer any queries you may have.

Because of this, Garanntor is a web hosting company in Nigeria that handles all the grunt work for you when it comes to quickly and easily transferring your domain name and website. They also offer affordable web hosting, VPS, dedicated email hosting, and other services.

From shared hosting to email hosting with Garanntor

Shared Hosting by Garanntor:

This sort of hosting package is suitable for all website types, including e-commerce and professional business portals, as well as small and large businesses.

The monthly price for the Garanntor Shared Hosting plan is N125.

Virtual servers

In comparison to bare metal servers, virtual servers are more affordable; they perform the same tasks but use a flexible virtualization layer.

On Garanntor. ng, this hosting package was N3,200 per month.

VDC – laaS 3.

The Garanntor virtual data center maximizes privacy and security while offering the advantages of infrastructure as a service, such as a scalability and lower cost.

The monthly cost of this hosting plan on Garanntor. ng was N7,5 40.

Hosting for Garanntor Email

For any organization, Garanntor Email Hosting offers secured business class email at a lesser cost with greater protection than internal systems.

Monthly fees for Garanntor Email Hosting were N1,500.

Review And Price List For The Garanntor Domain

In addition to providing quality web hosting, Garanntor is considered one of the top domain registrars in Nigeria, offering inexpensive prices for the purchase and transfer of domain names:
The price of the extension was N3, 499.

  • The price of the extension was N999.
  • The price of the extension was N4,500.
  • The domain extension “” sold for N4,500.
  • The domain name was sold for N999.
  • The domain name Garanntor. ng sold for N8,500.

You can file a request to s[email protected] and have any issues with Garanntor handled.

List of Garanntor Hosts

  • 1 Garanntor Shared Hosts
  • Garanntor Windows Hosting
  • Powered by WordPress Hosting
  • Guardian VPS Hosting
  • Website Builder

Review of Garanntor Affiliate and instructions for making money with Garanntor. ng

join the site as a partner to earn N500 as a welcome bonus. To quickly sign up for Garanntor’s affiliate program, go to

The Garanntor Affiliate Program: How to Make Money

  • Visit the Garanntor affiliate registration website at to start the process.
  • Sign up on Garanntor, acquire your affiliate link, both banner ad codes, etc
  • Tell your friends about Garanntor by sharing your affiliate link or banner advertisement.
  • You are compensated after a referral makes a purchase using your affiliate link.

How to Use the Garanntor Affiliate Program to Make Quick Money.

  • Use SEO to drive traffic and generate referrals for your affiliate link.
  • Use social media to promote your business. Share your affiliate link with your contacts to earn money for every sign-up.
  • Use banner ads to promote your affiliate link on well-known forums and websites.

Programs for affiliates at GTBank and Glo

Affiliate Commission for Garanntor. Obtain compensation for each enrollment made with your affiliate link, You can receive up to 20% commission from Garanntor for each signup and purchase of a hosting plan on Garanntor. ng.

Why I Recommend Garanntor Live chat assistance is provided, and there is security with Site lock, SSL certificates, and domain privacy.

  • Personal domains, domain registration, and domain transfers are all available.
  • Cloud backup storage, Windows reseller, hosting reseller, and domain reseller.
  • Accessible support and help center; Simple payment choices using PayPal, and credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, and Verve, among others.

Visit Garanntor. ng to purchase a product right away.


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