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I’m about to demonstrate how to use to earn free backlinks on any blog, regardless of its niche. A buddy just asked me for advice on how to create backlinks for his brand-new blog in order to raise it in Google’s rankings for Page Authority and Domain Authority.

I suggest Seoreviewtools, but he appears pretty perplexed because he just believed that it was intended to be used as a backlinks checker and a domain authority checker. He also didn’t know that it could be used to produce free backlinks to boost DA and PA.

What is Seoreviewtools?

Anyone who is a blogger and wants to check their DA and PA, backlinks, and other metrics should visit this website, which I consider to be the easiest one out there.

They come highly recommended, are free to use, and are simple to explore and comprehend.

How to Use SEO View Tools to Check Your Blog’s DA and PA.

Visit first, Enter the URL of your blog and the search terms you want their website checker to use when performing a scan. Review the information again, check the required captcha box, and then click “conduct check.” Permit the percentages to approach 100%. Last but not least, you’ll reach the page where you may assess how optimized your blog is.

Your domain authority and page authority (DA and PA) are used to check your backlinks.

The number of keyword searches you entered, among many others.

But it doesn’t stop there. If you’re unhappy with your blog’s DA and PA but want to gradually boost them, you should attempt this strategy; it’s free but occasionally difficult.

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How to Increase DA and PA by Building Free Backlinks

It’s simple to use Seoreviewtools to develop free backlinks that will raise your domain authority. Just go to Backlinks Checker and click the backlinks checker phrase. Enter the URL of your rivals and then choose All of these blog pages. After completing the captcha, you will be shown links that are associated with the domain URL and its link juice.

Click on one of these links to be sent to the site where the other user obtained their backlinks, where you can then obtain your own.

Note: Most links and comment backlinks are no-follow, but if you want to obtain links from websites like, utilize this code when leaving comments. [url] Anchor Text.

You can use this technique to raise your page and domain authority. You can ask me any questions, and I’ll be happy to respond in the comment section. Please feel free to spread the word about this article; who knows who might need it?

Thank you for visiting.

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