Start a Free Blog and Make Money Today

I’ll explain to you in great detail how to properly start a free blog and earn money. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that you cannot earn money with a free blog, especially free Blogspot Bloggers. Making money with a free blog is possible.

Let’s take a closer look at blogging before we get any further into how to create a free blog and earn money from it.

How Do Blogs Work?

A blog, according to Wikipedia, is a conversation or informational website that is published on the Internet and consists of brief, frequently casual text postings that resemble diary entries (posts). Usually, posts are shown in reverse chronological order, with the most recent one showing up at the top of the page.

Reasons to Launch a Free Blog.

What would motivate someone to start a blog?

There are numerous justifications. And now is still a fantastic moment to begin. See some of the explanations here by looking over the list.

It’s enjoyable and rewarding

It’s fun to blog. I get to write about the topics I find interesting and I connect with like-minded folks online.

  • Assist others in solving their challenges
    Talk to others.
  • You’ll meet new people.

I’ve met so many new people that I never would have otherwise. It’s incredible! Relationships may begin as replying to a Tweet, email, or comments on a blog article. An excellent method to find others who share your interests, values, and aspirations is through blogging.

You’ll pick up fresh knowledge

I’m a perpetual student. Once a week, I would go to the library, look through the new arrivals, and take out any books that looked intriguing.

There are always fresh things to learn, even if you choose to write about yourself. Simply putting your thoughts on paper is writing. You can express your opinion, make a remark, or simply pose a query.

When it comes to learning, there is no requirement to develop into a research expert. The internet contains all the information you could ever need.

You’ll exert yourself.

I am shy and an introvert. The limiting ideas that prevent you from living your greatest life can be overcome through blogging. It’s also acceptable if you prefer to write purely for fun and stay anonymous. There is no requirement that you go on a road trip and meet every reader.

You can expand your company.

After only a few months of blogging, I already have a list of incredible opportunities: Talking at a significant financial conference. All of these contribute to the expansion of my brand and company.

Taxes can be avoided.

Except for a personal financial blog, you won’t find this rationale discussed anywhere else. A business is blogging. You start a business when you make money from it. You have a business if you create a blog and it starts earning money. To benefit from the tax advantages of running a small business, find a tax specialist.

 Financial independence

While the focus of this post is on how to create a free blog and earn money from it. Money is merely a tool for achieving your life’s objectives. I could have blogged on dozens of topics and earned a lot more money, but I like to assist people in managing their finances.

You’re going to launch a business that assists impoverished people who lack the resources to pay you?, as one man put it aptly.

Yes. Because I believe there are other ways to make money than by assisting others who might be in need. A path to financial independence is blogging. It will require time and effort, just like any other work. Being a blogger, though, puts you in charge. You are in charge. You can choose to labor more or less.

Steps For Starting A Free Blog

Starting a free blog is simple. As long as you meet the following conditions, you may simply create a Blogspot or blogger blog for free:

  • A smartphone or laptop with internet access.
  • Phone number * Gmail account

How Can I Launch A Free Blog?

In a matter of minutes, you can successfully launch dozens of free blogs on, which is my #1 recommendation.

  • Go to the website.
  • Sign in by providing your email address, password, and other required information.
  • Select “create new blog”
  • Enter your display name and free Blogspot URL, such as “,”
  • Click on “Create Blog”
  • Choose your preferred free Blogspot theme.

You might be wondering, “Now that I’ve made the free blog, what’s next.” This is the first step in beginning or developing a blog that will earn money.


Yes, obtaining a custom domain name will boost your likelihood of earning $5–$6k each month from your free blog.

A Custom Domain Name’s Features

  • Brings in paying customers
  • Assists with Google ranking
  • Promote your free blog
  • Have a better chance of earning $200 every month, as I’ll demonstrate once you follow my advice.

How to Register a Custom Domain

The best domain registrar, and the one I suggest, is Namecheap. You should also read my free article on how to purchase a domain name from Namecheap if you don’t know how to get a domain name from Namecheap.

But if you know something, terrific.

  • Go To Namecheap’s Home Page
  • Purchase a domain then return.

Adding SEO to Your Free Blog.

The single factor that ensures how much money you will make with your free blog is SEO. The secret to successful blogging is properly setting up your Blogger SEO.

For more information on how to set up and optimize your blog so that it begins to appear in Google, see also my free guide on Blogspot SEO guide. And yet, there’s more.

For Free Bloggers: Domain Authority

In the blogging world, increasing your Domain Authority (DA) is quite important. After buying a custom domain and setting up your free blog SEO, all that is left to do is obtain links to your domain to raise your DA.

This improves your site’s SEO score and lets Google know that you have what it takes to rank on Google, giving you a better chance to beat out your rivals. You can use to check your domain authority.

And if you want to raise your domain authority, I’ll direct you to the top SEO service provider in the business; they have the best deals around, and they’re also the people who helped me raise my domain authority from zero to twenty-five and my page authority from zero to thirty.


In addition to providing excellent SEO services for both free and paid blogs, SEOCLERKS also charges less for its link-building services. The cost of their services ranges from $5 to $200; for $20, you can hire an SEO clerk to develop high-quality links.

I recommend the service of SEOCLERKS.

  • TF-CF+20 Domains with Permanent PBN High DA-PA 42-70 Backlinks
  • 70+ High-Quality Government and Academic Backlinks on PR9-PR5 plus additional bonuses with ping
  • Using SEO clerks, you can expand your SEO services.


The best SEO services in the globe are provided by CRORKSERVICE, and their pricing is reasonable as well. For as little as $1, you may order a service from CRORKSERVICE.

Go to CRORKSERVICE right now.

Now that you know how to create a free blog, let’s look at how to monetize it.

How to Generate Income From a Free Blog.

There are various ways to monetize a blog, especially one that is free, and some of them include:

Affiliate promotion

In this procedure, you help advertise other people’s businesses in exchange for a commission each time they make a sale.

If you know what you’re doing, this is a fantastic opportunity for anyone to monetize their site. Don’t give up because you haven’t seen any success with affiliate marketing.

Here is a highly successful account from Frank Ozo, who made over $1500 with affiliate marketing after setting up a free blog with a subdomain. John Charles is another, who earned about $3000 through the same affiliate program.

You might now be wondering what their secret is. Nothing more than being aware of what is effective, which is their Domain Authority on Google.

Simply because he was on the first page of Google and had a (DA) of 11 at the time, the person who made $1200+ using nnu income was able to claim all the referrals.

The second guy, whose DA was 52+, learned about it later, but because of his higher DA, he received more Google referrals and rose in the rankings.

Now I’ll give you my top recommendations for link-building services, which you can employ while you wait for the next referral scheme to launch.

  • TF-CF+20 Domains with Permanent PBN High DA-PA 42-70 Backlinks
  • 70+ High-Quality Government and Academic Backlinks on PR9-PR5 plus additional bonuses with ping

And if you’re still unsure about which Affiliate Program to join, here are a few I’d suggest:

  • Affiliate Program at Namecheap
  • Affiliate program for Bluehost.
  • Affiliate Program for Qserver.
  • Affiliate Program for Interserver, Inc.
  • Adsense by Google

The most popular method for making money with a blog. This is a Google-owned initiative that compensates publishers according to CPC, or cost per click. Even with a free blog, anyone may earn money using Google Adsense.

You can register as a publisher at and post their ad code on your blog there.

  • Create a blog for free.
  • Post-high-caliber content.
  • Increasing your DA and driving organic Google traffic to your blog might earn you $100 to $1,000 through the Adsense program.
  • Employ Me Page

You can develop a blog page like this on your free blog to earn at least $100 each month. Assuming you are skilled at creating content, you should develop a page for hiring yourself. Before you realize it, you will have clients waiting for you.

  • Paying Links

Using paid links is a very effective approach to monetizing your free site. Now, your domain authority must be high before you begin using this monetization on your site because the ability to make money depends on your DA.

When you have greater domain authority, bloggers will start contacting you for backlinks. You may charge them what you want and earn up to $200 per month.

Use the Domain Authority boosters I specified, or pick one from the options above.

Earn Income From eBooks

Make a thorough eBook that can be ordered, put them on your free blog, and be prepared to make money every day. A buddy of mine once made up to $100,000 selling How To Create A PayPal on his free blog.

You can monetize your free blog by writing your own eBook. Drop Your Bank Information to Get Client Payments. You can still obtain a few of my free eBooks on how to make money.

Anyone can use this special free instruction to build a free blog and earn money from it. Use to create a free blogging platform. The Namecheap homepage offers a custom domain name. Utilize Blogger SEO to Set Up Your Free Blog for Google Appearance.

Build Authority With SEOCLERKS To Improve Your Chances Of Ranking On Google And Earning Money From Your Free Blog. Make Money From Your Blog Using the Methods You Prefer $1000 Guaranteed To Start Making Money With Your Free Blog.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comment section and to spread the word about this post.

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