The Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Your Website/Blog to Opera Mini’s News Feed

Find out how to add your website to the Opera mini news feed, which receives thousands of hits and visitors every day and has helped bloggers gain traffic and earnings by highlighting blog titles or posts.

How It Can Benefit From Adding Your Website Or Blog To Opera Mini News Feed

  • When a blog is added to Opera Mini News Feed, traffic increases.

When you put your blog or website on the first page of Opera Mini News Feed, thousands of people will visit it from all over the world as they look at your article and other interesting ones.

  • Increase Blog Traffic With Opera Mini News Feed.

Your blog will be visible to users throughout the world if it appears in the Opera Mini news feed because Opera Mini can change countries and is currently used by people all over the world.

  • Increased Affiliate And Advertising Revenue With Opera Mini News Feed.

Opera Mini has pledged to pay 50% of the traffic value, thus if your website or blog is monetized, Opera Mini news feed traffic is likely to bring in money for you.

How To Correctly Add Your Blog To Opera Mini News Feed.

  • Step 1 is to open your email and send a message to [email protected]. Likewise, [email protected]
  • Step 2 Explain your blog’s niche and why it should be included in the Opera Mini News Feed.

What you will receive from the platform is the third step.

Then send it and wait for their response; it usually takes 5 days but often takes up to a week, so be patient. After receiving your email. An Opera agent will respond and provide you instructions on how to send a formal request with your website URLs so they may forward it to the Opera Mini News Feed team.

Follow the instructions above to have your blog or website appear on your Opera news feed.
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