Why Every blogger Needs an Email list

Why Every blogger Needs an Email list

What is an email list?

You likely belong to a few (or more) email lists. You’re actually a member of my ‘Get Started Blogging’ email group, where I regularly provide you with awesome blogging advice. You can gather the email addresses of website visitors on an email list so you can get in touch with them later.

Email list building is a golden egg. If you keep posting, you’ll eventually amass an email list with 1,000, 10,000, 100,000, or more names. Let’s say you’ve completed your eBook.

Perhaps you write a culinary blog and have recently discovered a terrific new kitchen thermometer that you feel compelled to share with the world (like my favorite the Thermoworks Super-Fast Instant Digital Thermometer).

Or perhaps you have an endorsement for a fantastic $100 product that will earn you $30 in affiliate commission. You create a newsletter, distribute it to your subscribers, and… Ca-Ching!
The money begins to pour in. You are giving your subscribers value by informing them about something that will:

  • alleviate their suffering;
  • Provide them joy

You get paid for assisting them in return. It benefits both parties.

You can gather the email addresses of website visitors on an email list so you can get in touch with them later. selecting a provider of email services

Your email list is maintained for you by email service providers. For instance, if a website visitor wants to subscribe to your newsletter in order to keep in touch. You receive software tools from the service provider so you can integrate newsletter capabilities into your website.

Three email services that beginning bloggers should use

  • MailChimp
  • AWeber 2.
  • ConvertKit 3.

Which one ought you choose?

MailChimp.Starting off with MailChimp is free, as are the first 2,000 subscribers you add. That’s a bargain! You’ll discover that some folks suggest AWeber. I used AWeber when I initially started blogging. Use AWeber, as many other people urged.

I’m quite sure the reason is that AWeber offers an affiliate program! When you register with AWeber, people earn affiliate income.

There isn’t an affiliate program for MailChimp. If you use them, you won’t pay me anything.
Recall how I stressed the importance of being truthful in your product evaluations and how doing so can help you develop a following of devoted customers.

I just provided one for you. To me, recommending MailChimp to you rather than making an affiliate sale from AWeber is essential. Having used both tools, I discovered MailChimp to be considerably simpler to use.

The cost of ConvertKit is significantly higher ($79/month). I’m assessing the product as I write this. Before you start earning money from blogging, you don’t need to spend money on bigger and better services.

For more than a year, I’ve been using MailChimp, and I adore it. However, some of my fellow bloggers who have been at it for a while (more than two years) are switching to ConvertKit.

I will thus investigate the hoopla. Use MailChimp to keep things straightforward and free.

Methods For Gathering Email Addresses

Why did you sign up for a newsletter if you have in the past? For a blog visitor to offer you their email address, you must have a persuasive argument. Professional email marketers have told me that obtaining two email addresses for every 100 website visits is an acceptable goal.

Your target conversion rate is 2%. Any higher and you’re incredible. Any score below that indicates space for improvement.

Increasing subscriptions

You need a strong justification to persuade someone to sign up for your newsletter. I’ve seen bloggers do this far too frequently on their websites:

Sign up for my newsletter

What could be the cause, you ask? One does not exist. Contrast that with these: If you subscribe to my monthly email, I’ll give you fantastic coupons to help you save money on groceries. Additionally, I’ll email you a cookie if you sign up.

Reasons why it functions:

The newsletter will be sent out on a monthly basis, so the subscriber knows when to anticipate hearing from you. Your coupons will help customers save money, so you demonstrate the value of subscribing.

Everyone wants to make more money, thus you’re assisting them in solving a problem. You display personality, and we all know that cookies cannot be sent via email. You establish a relationship with your audience by seeming human rather than like a dry corporation.

Your supply

Create a promotion to entice subscribers. It has been demonstrated that consumers are far more likely to subscribe if they have a free offer (something of value).

There are a lot of offers out there, but these are a couple to think about:

  • How To XYZ In Just 10-Days
  • Top 10 Tips On XYZ
  • 5 Ways You’ve Never Heard Of To XYZ 49 Pointers on XYZ

Even being original is not necessary for your offer. You can repackage a blog post or posts you’ve already written into a free offer.

The offers I use on my blog are listed below:

This blogging course you’re in teaches you how to make money blogging.

  • How To Save $1,000 In One Week.
  • Gathering emails

Here is a great tool I suggest using: SumoMe

Advantages of SumoMe:

1. FREE! – Free cannot be beaten. All of the fundamental templates are free. You can upgrade to a premium account if you ever want to get fancy.

2. Simple – Adding it to your WordPress blog is easy.

3. Connects to your MailChimp account – You have a free tool for collecting emails that connects to your free MailChimp account. Isn’t blogging fantastic and affordable?

4. Lots of features – SumoMe has 12+ free tools to help you expand your website and gather email addresses. Install each email gathering program and test them out to discover which performs best, is what I advise.

Keep your sanity.

Even though SumoMe offers a wide range of free tools, each item you add will somewhat slow down your website. Install only what is necessary. Installing is advised:

  • Hello Bar
  • Welcome Mat
  • List Builder (optional)

When I first started my blog, I tried all three. Since then, I’ve reduced it to a single popup that occurs once someone leaves my blog. Based on the outcomes I’ve tracked over time, the single popup seems to work effectively for me.

Action Points

It was a lot to process! The bottom line is that growing your email list is crucial.
1. Create a free MailChimp account to store email addresses.
2. Create a free SumoMe account to gather email addresses.
3. Start assembling an email list for your blog.

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