Paul Jackson Bio; Big Brother Canada Season 2

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Paul Jackson – Big Brother Canada Houseguest

Paul Jackson was the houseguest who went viral for having the courage to openly accuse a fellow houseguest of making a racist statement on the Big Brother Canada Show, season 2.

Big and bold Paul Jackson was nicknamed Popping Paul and most times he was always funny and creative in his approaches.

Before Big Brother Canada came calling, Paul Jackson was a 43 year old consultant and motivational Speaker from Ontario, Canada. However, Paul has his origin and background from Cape Town, South Africa. He was married with three beautiful kids and doing well for an average Canadian.

Paul Jackson started his game very well on the show. He was always found in the places where he would make marks. On two occasions, he had a conflict with two other houseguests. In the first conflict, Despite being his ally, Paul had a conflict with Adel which led to Adel Elsiri threatening to punch him in the face.

The second conflict occurred when Ika Wong made a statement when they all were gathered in the sitting room gisting. Andrew Gordon replied to her saying “Well, The black came out of you at that point”. The whole house went dumb in silence. Shocked Ika Wong tried making a statement but couldn’t and Paul Jackson boldly said “that’s a racist comment to make”. The issue was very controversial in the house but Paul was able to push Andrew to publicly apologise to Ika, Paul and the black community

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His allies were Adel Elseri and Kyle Shore. He was a member of the outsiders alliance. He won the Head of Household competition in the first week. This was his initial mistake as it immediately presented him to other houseguests as a physical threat who needs to be boycotted out of the game as soon as possible.

Despite all odds, Paul fought hard until week 3 when he was eventually evicted. The boy’s team had been able to successfully cajoled and convinced Sarah Miller to stand by them and vote for Paul but unexpected voting outturn changed the game and in a switch, Paul was evicted out of the Big Brother Canada Show.

Paul was the first Houseguest to be on the block twice before getting evicted and he had no veto win.

Paul Jackson said he got on the show because he needs the money to travel back to Cape Town to see his aged foster parent.

Popping Paul Jackson seems to like the ‘low key life’ as he is not active on social media and hasn’t really made the news since BBCAN season 2.

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