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Biography of Beth Bieda

Beth Bieda is one of Big Brother Canada Season 9 houseguests. She is a 27-year old Homeless Support Worker from Tomahawk, Alberta.

Beth considers herself a funny, smart gal who’s got a social justice side that’s great for Canadians fighting to be heard and would love to be remembered as a player who was 100% herself & who made Canadians smile during this difficult time in history.

Oh, and as BBCAN9’s winner, of course!

Beth Bieda – BBCAN Season 9 Houseguest Profile

Full NameBeth Bieda
HometownTomahawk, Alberta
Relationship StatusSingle
OccupationHomeless Support Worker

Before BBCAN9, Beth worked as a social worker, so she knows how to speak to people who are in need of help. Her social game should be top-notch, and as someone who grew up on a farm in Alberta, she’ll know the value of hard work.

Her strategy going into BBCAN is to lay more low at the beginning, but then pull a Tyler (from Big Brother U.S.) and have secret alliances around the house.

A personal accomplishment she’s most proud of is being the first person in her family to travel.

Beth Bieda – Cast Bio | Big Brother Canada 9

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