Jon Pardy Bio; Big Brother Canada Season 2

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Jon Pardy – Big Brother Canada (2014)

Jon Pardy is the 23 years old student from Newfoundland and Labrador who claimed not to have ever watched any Big Brother show but nevertheless, he ended up winning the Big Brother Canada Season 2 show.

Controversial Jon Pardy played the greatest backstabbing game on the show in 2014, so hard that trolls are still trolling him on social media 6 years after the season ended.

Said to be one of the best game players ever on the show, John Pardy claimed he applied for auditions because of his friends encouragement. Suddenly, he found himself borrowing his sister’s ipad, arranging a set of coffee on the table and pulling off his shirt to record his 1 minutes 30 seconds audition video.

Getting on the show, Jon was so clueless about what goes on the Big Brother Canada show but he knew he just had to be in the ‘top five’.

The first big move from Jon Pardy was when he moved along with Neda Kalantar to make close acquaintances with her. Neda was always telling him what to do and what not to do. Neda was always carefully explaining things to him in detail. He joined Neda’s alliance, the Sloppy Seconds alliance. After that, he was able to successfully win three Head of Households competition, in weeks 7 and 9, and 71, and three Power of Veto competitions in weeks 5, 7 and 10. His loyalties lay with Neda Kalanta, Adel Elseri and Arlie Shaban. He got the nicknames Big Jon, Charming champion.

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Jon Pardy silently dominated the show throughout the entire season and the other players didn’t see it. He was always good at convincing other players to plan to evict his target. His strategy worked. Jon only got nominated for eviction once but he never faced any eviction.

He successfully got to the ‘final three’ alongside Neda Kalantar and Sabrina Abbate. At that stage, Jon was the Head of Household and with the authority vested in him, he is to choose who goes with him to the final two. It has to be either Neda Kalantar, his teacher and model on the show, or Sabrina who is just another player in the game.

Shockingly, Jon evicted Neda and took Sabrina to the finals where he won the BBCAN2.

No emotions lost, the game is the game. He expressed his remorse and claimed that was his best move at that point. This is because if he had taken Neda, Neda was a smarter player, she would have won him and that’s not why he was on the show. He was on the show to win.

After the BBCAN2, Jon Pardy appeared in the BBCAN Side Show. He also came back alongside two other notable past houseguests to address the final three houseguests of BBCAN6. Jon Pardy broke up with his longtime girlfriend and started a romance with Neda Kalantar. They both moved into the same house as couples a month after BBCAN2. Years later, Jon Pardy was found with Kierra Wallace of BBCAN7.

Jon Pardy currently runs an online Poker TV and he can be found on both Twitter and Instagram.

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