Meet BBCAN 6 Contestant: Derek Kesseler

Derek Kesseler

Derek Kesseler was a houseguest on the Big Brother Canada Show Season 6 and alongside his showmance, Kaela Grant, he ruled and dominated the house in his own capacity with Kaela paving way for him whever he needed one. 

Derek Kesseler was a 27 years old Canadian from Vancouver, British Columbia. Originally, he is from Beaumont, Alberta. An origin he still proudly claims and flaunts. He is into a lot of stuff career wise. He is a bartender and server, he is also a blogger and a product influencer. He is into some form of product modelling also. Derek revealed in his pre-show interview that he was going to find lying a little bit difficult. This is because naturally, he hates hurting people’s feelings, so telling blatant lies to people is something he can’t really stand. He describes his personality as energetic, genuine and adventurous. 

Derek was lucky to find a competitive and smart showmance, Keila Grant, who aided him to the final 3. Kaela’s competitive ability complimented his own competition skill and the duo were a power couple in the house. In week 6 when Kaela won Head of Household, she was able to utilize it well and evicted the high and mighty Erica Hill. At the success of this, Kaela and Derek began to control and dominate the show. Things got out of control when Johnny Mulder won Head of Household and it took powers away from Derek but Kaela was able to come into the rescue again and Derek regained his ruling position. His eviction came about when Paras Atashnak won Head of Household and she immediately nominated Derek and Kaela for eviction. However, Paras was a “girl encouraging girl” kind of person. She has a preference for the final two being females. When she won the final Head of Household, she used the power to evict Derek and Derek was finally evicted from the Big Brother Canada Show Season 6. He was a member of The Real Deal Alliance, Red Room Alliance and Five’s Company Alliance. His allies included Kaela Grant and Jesse Larson.  

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Derek Kelesser won many competitions also and he is the second ever houseguest to win four competitions in a row. He won 2 Head of Household competitions in week 7 and day 55. He won 2 Power of Veto competitions in weeks 7 and 8.  

In 2020, Derek participated on the Big Brother Canada versus Big Brother US mini sequester. He also won a side $5,000 from a competition on the show. 

Derek Keseeler now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia and he owns a YouTube channel and a Brand Clothing line. Derek is active on both Twitter and on Instagram

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