Meet BBCAN 7 Contestant: Cory Kennedy

Cory Kennedy -BBCAN7

Can be lucky, can be very smart with enough social game skills, Big Brother Canada show gave Canada a very skilled Elementary teacher who is very good at social games. Cory Kennedy appeared on the 7th season of the Big Brother Canada Show as a houseguest in 2019. 

Cory Kennedy was a 29 year old Elementary school teacher when she appeared as a houseguest on BBCAN 7. She was living in Sussex, New Brunswick. 

One very striking attribute about Cory Kennedy’s personality is her level of self belief. This has obviously kept her going all along. At her Pre-show interview, Cory Kennedy boldly stated that she believes she is an energetic person and as well has all it takes to take the house by storm with her smartness, social skills and physical strength. 

Cory indeed took the house by storm. She was the last houseguest to get on the show. She appeared on the show 6 days into the show after she had escaped the Secret Asset which is a task that involves her making a final 2 deal with three out of the houseguests who are already on the show. Canada was given the power to decide by voting who will be going on to the show between Cory Kennedy and Holly Noseworthy, a 33 year old Armoured guard from Conception Bay, Newfoundland. Cory was voted in by Canada and Cory gave the show all her best games. 

While on the show, she got into a lot of good and bad moments, made friends and enemies. Cory was very smart with her game and for the first time ever in the history of Big Brother Canada, BBCAN, Cory Kennedy was never nominated for eviction until her 45th day on  the show. Cory was always finding her way around every tight situation either by being lucky or being smart. 

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On the 45th day, Mark Drelich had just won the Head of Household, HOH and he nominated both Adam Pike and Damien Kietlo for eviction. Adam went on to win the Power of Veto, POV which he used to save himself and he nominated Estafania Hoyos as replacement nominee. However, When Adam won the Power of Veto, POV, he had found a secret assassin power which instructed him to name a secret third nominee for eviction. Adam Pike nominated Cory Kennedy. On the live eviction night, a vote of 3-1 saw Cory out of the house. Finishing 8th place, she went on to being a jury member. She had 1 Head of Household, HOH win in Week 6 and 1 Power of Veto POV win in Week 4. She was only nominated for eviction once and that was in week 7.

Cory Kennedy was the last female to be nominated on Big Brother Canada 7. She was also the first houseguest to become a third nominee outside the triple eviction night. She is also the first to be evicted as a third nominee. 

After Big Brother Canada, BBCAN, Cory Kenedy went back to being a School teacher. She is currently pregnant and expecting a girl. Cory Kennedy is very active on Instagram.

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