Sarah Miller Bio; Big Brother Canada Season 2

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Sarah Miller – Big Brother Canada Season 2 Houseguest

The second mother and parent to feature on the Big Brother Canada Show is Sarah Miller. Sarah Miller is a Canadian from Osgoode, Ontario but lived in Langley, British Columbia. Sarah works as a Mortgage Broker as well as being a beautiful wife and mother to two beautiful daughters. Her every time sexy and smart appearances on the show got her the nickname “mumzie in a busie” but she was popularly called “mumzie”

Fun, outgoing and kind Sarah Miller was a member of the initial ruling “first five” alliance. Being a member of the alliance, she was also on top of the game and in the first four weeks, she gained grounds and established allies in the house with the help of Sabrina Abbate and other members of the alliance. Her loyalties in the house include Kenny Brain, Arlie Shaban, Sabrina Abbate and Rachelle Diamond.

She got into a showmance with controversial Gay Kenny Brain, who was criticized for denying his sexuality on the show at the beginning of the game. After Kenny Brain finally found the courage to come clean with his identity, he and Sarah Miller still went on to form a strong bond like that of siblings from the same mother. They had each other’s back in the house.

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When Canada became Head of Household, the first five alliance crumbled, shifting powers from the hands of Sarah Miller and her allies into the hands of Neda’s instantly formed alliance, “Sloppy Seconds”. Heather Decksheimer won the HOH competition and nominated Kenny Brain and Allison White for eviction.

Allison white got lucky and won the Power of Veto which she used to save herself from the block. HOH Heather was obligated to nominate a replacement for Allison. Heather nominated Sarah Miller and the vote result sent Sarah Miller packing from the Big Brother Canada Show season 2 on the 43rd day. She finished in 10th place.

Sarah Miller had no veto wins and she won no HOH Competition. She was nominated for eviction once.

After the show, Sarah Miller went back to being a local businesswoman in the mortgage industry and has been working in the field for over 15 years. She founded her mortgage company, Xeva Mortgage.

Sarah Miller is on social media where she shares her thoughts and opinions on politics and global issues. Visit her Website to know more about her. She can be found on both Twitter and Instagram.

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