Aneal Joshua Ramkissoon Bio; Big Brother Canada Season 1

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Joshua Ramkissoon – Big Brother Canada Season 1 (2013)

Of course, everyone will remember the crying dude from Big Brother Canada Show in 2013. He is Aneal Joshua Ramkissoon, popularly called Aneal and known for his everytime fake crying to the point of frustrating and annoying other houseguest as well as the viewers.

An interesting fact about Aneal is that he is a Hispanic-Canadian from Trinidad. When Big Brother came calling in 2013, Aneal was a 21 year old student in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.

While on the show, Aneal was not a member of any alliance but his loyalty somewhat lies with Liza Stinton although he predicted Jillian winning the show.

Aneal Ramkisoon had plans in playing strategic games in the house but this plan was cut short after a twist in the BBCAN game sent him packing, an eviction which was a shock to everyone including Aneal himself.

Tom had just been crowned the Head of Household for the week and had placed both Suzette Amaya and Gary Levy on the block. In that same week, Tom got lucky again and won the POV competition in which he used the power to remove Gary from the block and replaced him with AJ Burman.

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The twist of the game came when BBCAN allowed the public to vote for their favorite contestant out of the block. Suzette came out top of the vote and Tom was informed about the need to nominate an instant replacement for Suzette. Tom nominated Aneal and in an instant election with eight to two votes, Aneal was eliminated from the Big Brother Canada show, season 1.

A post eviction interview had Aneal revealing his target was Alec and Peter. He said he believed that the rush by other houseguests to see him out of the show was only a revelation that he was a strong contender in the game.

He however claimed to be fine with being eliminated via a public vote twist rather than being eliminated after a long week of conspiracy by other houseguests.

Aneal’s initial aim on the show was to use his experience to develop his undergraduate Thesis. He then went back to school.

Aneal Joshua Ramkissoon is happily married to his husband David Beebe. David Beebe is also an accomplished personnel as he is an award winning Producer, speaker and marketer who specialises in building media companies, lifestyle brands and ventures.

Coupled with being a wife, Aneal owns a podcast where he runs commentaries, analysis and discussion on the Big Brother Canada Show. In June 2010, Aneal Ramkissoon participated in the popular TV reality show, the mini sequester hosted by Audrey Midleton. Aneal Ramkissoon sees himself as being outgoing, stubborn and fun. All these characters are still there as evident on his Twitter and Instagram.

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