Meet BBCAN 6 Contestant: Jesse Larson

Jesse Larson

Jesse Larson was that tall and cute guy that appeared on the Big Brother Canada Show season 6. Internet controversies from the show had a larger chunk of critics baloming Jesse Larson as being the one responsible for his early eviction from the show. 

Before Big Brother Canada came calling, Jesse Larson was a 24 years old Bachelor from Saskatoon, Sk. He was working as a Sales Executive. He was single and living the life of an average Canadian. He described himself as charismatic, confident and sly. Jesse believed that if he was Big Brother, he would be the Big Brother with the same level of evil and helpful. He went onto the show with a planned strategy of setting an alliance with a decent number of people and hopes to have a ride or die affair with them. 

Jesse Larson had no major issues in the house, his first week was going smoothly as he was able to stay off the radar and kept on playing in a little way. However, he was able to form an immediate alliance and bond with Kaela Grant and Derek Kesseler. With the duo, he formed an alliance called The Real Deal Alliance. Throughout his short stay on the show, he was a member of both The Real Deal Alliance and Red Room Alliance. His allies were just three, of which they all made it to the final four, except Jesse who finished 14th place. They included Paras Atashnak (Paras was the winner of the season), Kaela Grant (Kaela was the runner-up) and Derek Kesseler (Derek finished 4th place). 

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In the 1st week, Jesse was sent to hell alongside seven other houseguests but he was saved. He didn’t get into main issues until the week of his eviction. He was used as a pawn and when the nominations came, his reactions to being nominated and the fact that he was not vetoed made Hamza Hatoum feel he might be a threat later on in the game. Hamzat then made him his original target for the week. A vote of 9-2 saw Jesse Larson out of the show with Veronica Doherty and Derek Kesseler as the owner of the two votes he won. Jesse had no Head of Household wn and no Power of Veto win. 

After BBCAN6, Jesse Larson competed on the second real life edition of the mini sequester and he finished 6th place. He also appeared in the Big Brother Canada and Big Brother United States where he finished 19th place.   

Jesse Larson still lives in Canada and he is now engaged to his beautiful partner. He can be found on Twitter and on Instagram

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