Meet BBCAN 6 Contestant: Veronica Doherty

Veronica Doherty

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Came late but left Early, that is Veronica Doherty, she appeared on the Big Brother Canada Show in 20218 as an houseguest. She was a very promising and good social player and this sold her out so early as she was sent out almost as soon as she came in.

When Big Brother came calling, Veronica Doherty was a 24 years old student from Ottawa, Ontario. Her Big Brother Canada idol is Neda Kalantar from season 2. Veronica believed she will be very entertaining as a big brother because she will keep throwing schemes and twist at everyone making it a fun and entertaining social competition. Veronica planned to put in her social gameplay prowess as she believes it will be of great use on the show. Veronica described her personality as fun, energetic and enthusiastic. 

While on the show, Veronica proved how lit  her social gameplay was. She made the sneaky moves, the lie moves, the pretense moves and the smart moves. She got into the house 6 days after the show began. This might have been considered a limitation if she had not won the Head of Household in the third week. She was voted in by public vote. Her first wrong move was to spread an intentional lie about how she got into the house. For some reasons, houseguests began to see her as a liar who can’t be trusted enough to be part of an alliance. However, Veronica was able to find herself into some alliances, they included The Gate Crashers, Five’s Company, The Company and White Room. She was able to find loyalties with few housemates also. They included Merron Haile, William ‘Will’ Kenny, Hamza Hatoum, Paras Atashnak and Maddy Poplett. 

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After her first trial at intentionally spreading mistrust failed her, she went on to win the Head of Household alongside Hamza Hatoum. Veronica allowed Hamza to take the power because she was very convinced he wouldn’t nominate her. Veronica secretly made Olivia Riemer, one of the strong players of the house, her target. In the third week, she casted a vote which she later announced as a faulty vote. The vote was casted to evict Olivia Riemer. This was one of her tactics to intentionally spread mistrust again. This backfired greatly as Olivia Riemer, alongside Alejandra Martinez were able to convince Erica Hill to make big moves and evict Veronica. Erica Hill made the big move, she backdoored Veronica and a vote of 9-1 evicted Veronica Doherty out of the Big Brother Canada Show Season 6. Veronica finished 4th place. She had 1 HOH win but had no POV win. She also won $1,000 and 1 year supply of L’oreal. 

Veronica is still living in Canada pursuing her career and dreams.

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